July 27, 2016

What successful people know...

Take a minute to look at the image below.

I cannot take credit for the actual idea. I stole it from somewhere (cannot remember where??). The concept is simple...

Many people think that everything we do results in one of two outcomes: Success or Failure.

In reality, what happens in many cases is we have to fail several times to figure out whether or not what we are doing works or is even successful. I am guilty of struggling with this and I am sure I am not alone. As leaders, educators, business folks, lawyers, police...let's just say professionals, we have to take this into consideration.

We have to ask ourselves these questions.

Are we creating a culture where the second image is even possible? 

Are people afraid of what will happen when they fail the first time, so much so that once they fail, there is not a second time?

Are we too competitive to not get it right the first time?

What causes people to be afraid to fail OR to be afraid to allow someone to fail on their watch?

Is it appropriate in all fields?

All legitimate questions worthy of your feedback, that means let me know what you think...send me a tweet.   @mickshuran


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