August 5, 2016

The "Principal" of Fitness...

When I moved to West Middle I was in the best shape of my "old" adult life. My weight was down, my aches were down. I felt pretty good!

Since that time, my weight, aches, etc have fluctuated on a non-predictable basis. It is possible that my job helps to create that but I realize it is NOT AN EXCUSE.

Since starting at WMS four years ago, I have competed in several 5K's, a couple of sprint triathlons as well as becoming an avid bowler (more strenuous than you think). However, I have also spent time in physical therapy (back issues), changed pants size, and consumed food and beverages probably at a record rate.  In fact, this time a year ago, I competed in my second sprint triathlon. And believe it or not, I am in better shape now than I was then. The difference...I was working out regularly last year but my diet was AWFUL. My LONG swims (only long by my standards), 20 mile bike rides and several mile runs were only taking care of the extra stuff I was eating and drinking.

My mind and my body struggled.

Fast forward to today. My workouts still need to increase. But, my wife and I have committed to better eating and exercising more together.

My mind and my body are improving.

I still have a ways to go.

What does this have to do with my life as an educator?? The answer...EVERYTHING!

If my mind and body are failing, the kids, the teachers, the adults, the community KNOW IT.

Understand, I am still not where I want to be. I still need more exercise daily. My eating and drinking habits need to be tweaked. But I have been inspired to do so.

Here are some who have helped me along the way (whether you realize it or not)...

Jerred Moon (@EO3Fit), Founder of End of Three Fitness - This guy is all about building better humans...and I like that! He has so much to share, both free and paid and I think it is definitely worth some time to examine.

Some Twitter connections - #whyiexercise and #fitleaders
Just found these recently. Dr. Ryan Jackson (@RyanBJackson1) and Josh Bracamontes (@JABracamontes) had a recent dialog on Twitter that had me intrigued and they used those above hashtags. Both are educators in Tennessee, so that really hit close to home. One thing that was said about #fitleaders..."makes it public and highly motivating..." That is maybe what we all need.

I truly value these new connections and makes me realize that my PLN goes far beyond just education.

So as you think about this school you think about testing and you think about observations, evaluations, differentiated instruction, project-based get the idea...

Consider also your health...your mind and body.


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