December 30, 2016

Stuff you gotta check out...(From 2016)

As with most folks, I feel the need to wrap up my 2016 with some "go-to" things I wish to share. Some are educational, some are not...well for that matter, they are all really get the idea. 

I like to share, if you want to see a weekly, short list of cool things like articles, videos, podcasts, etc. then click HERE.

Disclaimer - I am a blogaholic, so there are many more that are awesome, just can't list them all. I hope that I am on someones list of good ones but only because I want it to be relevant, not for my notoriety (fame would be nice though).

Favorite Blogs 
(I read a bunch but these are the ones I link to and share on a daily basis).

Austin Kleon - A writer who draws. Great blog, loves to share what he learns. Author of the book Steal Like an Artist and Show Your Work

Teacher Tech with Alice Keeler - Probably the Google Queen, not a week goes by that I do not share one of her posts about G-Suites or something I find useful for teachers. 

Matt Miller has a site called Ditch That Textbook which is loaded with tips and ideas on how to personalize learning and use technology to your advantage. Just recently he had a FREE online digital summit with expert videos from all of the U.S.

I get sucked into these three blogs REALLY quick. They are really cool and have some fun and doable projects. If you are a DIYer or aspiring one, these are must sees - Rogue Engineer and I Like to Make Stuff, and DIY Pete

Julie Davis, met her through Twitter and became fast friends. She is very insightful and knowledgeable in All Things EduTechie Oriented. She takes pride on being a transparent educator and produces high quality articles on a weekly (sometimes more) basis. 

Here is another I share weekly, A.J. Juliani. He always has interesting topics in the world of education and technology, specifically the idea of 20% time...don't know what that is?? Go to his site, he has a plethora of resources. 

The ADHD Nerd with Ryan McRae is a great one, especially for people like me who know the title describes them perfectly.

Favorite Podcasts

Chris Nesi has accumulated three year of House of #EdTech. No, I have not listened to all of them but I have listened to a BUNCH. He has great guests, great topics and his podcasts are a great travel companion. 

Malcolm Gladwell ALWAYS intrigues me with his story-telling. Revisionist History is no different! In fact, I am checking regularly as to when the next season is going to come out. I can't wait!

How I Built This - just recently found this one. Guy Raz talks to different entrepreneurs on how they made it. Fascinating! So far my favorites are the ones with Mark Cuban, LA Reid and Jim Koch.

The RobCast - This is my spiritual podcast. Rob Bell, former pastor, keeps me thinking about all things spiritual. I have met him twice, great dude!

Leadership Technology Learning - This goes without saying...a trio of GOOD-LOOKING Educators trying to navigate this ever-changing world...Seriously, it is good (and I am a co-founder/co-host). The new year will bring new episodes and new guest...Stay tuned. 

Books I have read in 2016 
(just a list and a link, click the link for a description, why re-invent the wheel??)

The More of Less - Joshua Becker
Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy - Eric Metaxas
The Power of Habit - Charles Duhigg
The Revenant - Michael Punke
Hacking Leadership by Joe Sanfelippo and Tony Sinanis and Hacking Education by Mark Barnes and Jennifer Gonzalez
The President's Shadow - Brad Meltzer
How to Be Here - Rob Bell

Apparently I read a crap load on pocket...I was in the top 5% of their readers for 2016, check out my stats here...

Books I plan to tackle...a few 
(same as the link).

Tools of Titans - Tim Ferris
Rebel Yell: The Violence, Passion and Redemption of Stonewall Jackson (got several Civil War ones I need to check out) - S.C. Gwynne
The Whistler - John Grisham
Several of the Hack Learning books - including Hacking PBL by Ross Cooper and Erin Murphy (not out yet but SOON).

Man I wish the following would come out with new ones this year: Malcolm Gladwell, Daniel Pink, Tony Horwitz and Erik Larson.

Binge worthy 
(meaning you can find these on Netflix, Amazon or HBO and waste an entire weekend watching a whole season...or two).

The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones - Beware, you will get HOOKED. Don't let kids (or flimsy adults for that matter) watch these.

House of Cards - probably more real than we would like to believe.

Man in the High Castle (just started and hooked)

American Horror Story - The show my wife and I share (on season 3, also not for kids).

ZNation - "B" movie version of Walking Dead...but AWESOME. I love The Murphy!

Any ESPN 30 for 30 documentary - Seriously, have they made a bad one??

What's Next?

Blogging - setting a schedule and sticking to it.
Podcasting - setting a schedule and sticking to it.
Improve weekly sharing, share with MORE. You can be a part of that HERE.
Read More...and share.
Binge watching... (this one is probably the easiest)
Oh, did I mention Hawaii...Yep, the Shurans are going to Hawaii with the THS BAND! It will be a trip of a lifetime!

Lastly...appreciating life, every day is a blessing.

Two Great Men who left us in 2016, way too early...Lucky for us, their legacies live on.

In Loving memory of Mike Shuran and Jeff Taylor.

Hope EVERYONE had a Merry Christmas and is looking forward to a GREAT New Year!


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