January 20, 2017

5 Reasons to Try Something Different...

It is important for us to change. It is important for us to do different things. If not, we stand a chance to become stagnate personally and professionally.

To do something different does not mean drastically changing your thought and actions. It could simply be small changes in incremental steps. It can be methodical or spontaneous.

Although I would never recommend drastic changes without first putting some thought into it (pay attention to your Spidey-Sense).

In case you aren't sure what Spidey-Sense is, here you go...

I do think it is important to do something different every once in awhile.

Here is why:

1. It keeps people on their toes...guessing a little.
It is ok that there is wonder. If people expect the same thing every time, then after awhile do they even pay attention any more??

2. Gives you a sense of excitement/nervousness.
Every get that butterfly feeling when you do something new? That is a reminder that you are ALIVE. 

3. Leads to reflection
Doing something different allows you to look back at what you have already done. It allows you to reflect on what has worked and what has not. 

4. Starts a conversation
When you do something different people ask questions. Then, YOU get a chance to talk about the great things you are doing. 

5. Becomes contagious
When people see different things, when people see others get excited and that excitement becomes contagious. People want to be a part of something fun and meaningful. 

One word of warning, people may try to stop you because it is not "normal" or because it is different than what everyone is used to. Those distractors like the status quo and will most likely respond with statements like "it will never work" or "that's not how we do that."

Do not let that change your course of action. Push ahead and if it works, AWESOME. If it doesn't, you can always adjust.

That's the key, you can always adjust...

Go out and try something different.


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