January 27, 2017

Kindness Matters...

We have been celebrating a week of kindness this week at West Middle so I thought it would be a perfect time to share some tips on what it looks like to be kind.


I talked with some students and got their feedback. This is what they said.

Helping pick things up
Volunteer work
Complimenting and caring for each other
Helping those who need it
Holding the door
Helping with difficult tasks like when a locker is stuck
Saying good morning and good afternoon
Telling jokes, making people laugh

Here was one I loved...Kindness cards

Like this one...

Or this one...

Basically, the kids have these cards that have inspirational quotes on them. They can give them to random people or simply someone they know. They can say something to them or just hand it out and smile. One students said she liked to just hand it out and see the people's reaction.

How cool is that!

Although we strive to be kind everyday, it is also good to have reminders such as this week. It is intentional and who knows, maybe it will help form a habit of kindness.

As I thought about this, there were some others that I felt needed to be added...

1. Always be first...I read about this one in Tim Ferris' book Tools of Titans. He was speaking about Gabby Reece (famous volleyball player) and her husband Laird Hamilton and their relationship. Gabby says she likes to always be first...first hello, first smile, first hug, etc. She knows if she does it first then the kindness will get done.

2. When seeing someone, act like the young kid does when he or she sees you at the end of the day and its like she hadn't seen you in months. You know, when you walk in the door and your son or daughter screams and is all smiles. What a great feeling! Why don't we do that when our spouse or mom or dad walks in the room. We should take notes from toddlers. 

3. Free Hugs and High Fives...this is one of my favorite things we do. The first day of school, several of our kids and our teachers stand outside with inspirational signs and hand out free hugs and free high fives to any one who wants them. You should see the smiles, it really sets the tone for the day. 

4.  Say you are AWESOME - no explanation needed here. We can always say something good about someone else. 

Here's to every week being kindness week!


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