January 10, 2017

Why I do the things I do...

Why I do the things I do...

my wife would LOVE to know.

I am not talking about the every day crazy things I get myself into (see the above pic) but the things I am doing to help improve myself.

Such as...


I like to share. Maybe I didn't so much as a kid but now I do. I like to share information that I feel can be helpful to someone. Blogging allows me to put thoughts down onto "electronic" paper and share them with other like-minded people. I like to believe a bunch of people read those thoughts, but in the grand scheme of things, it is ok if they do not. The process of taking thoughts and converting them into words, sentences, paragraphs, etc is an educational process for me. Plus, hitting that publish button can be somewhat exciting (and intimidating) knowing that other people can actually read my work.

That can be the tough part...hitting the publish button.


Again, I like to share.

I found two other guys who also like to share.

Click on the picture to listen (oh and leave a review on I Tunes)

We have common interests and a common goal to provide not only information to people but a platform for them to share what they know too. We recorded another podcast today (will be released soon) and the process is so much FUN! We get to talk about things we love, share new ideas and laugh about the crazy things going on in our world. And believe me, there are plenty of crazy things!


Twitter is my go-to professional development tool. I know what you are thinking...Twitter can't be a PD tool...it is for funny cat videos and crazy memes like this one.

One of my favorites by the way.

No, that's Facebook (for me). I do enjoy some Facebook but usually for entertainment only.

Not a day goes by that I do not gain something from my interactions on Twitter. Every day = great tips, great articles, great followers...the list goes on.

I have connected and made new friends with people all over the world. Some are in education or leadership but others are in completely different fields.

Try it, don't give up on it...you may like it. Come find me @mickshuran


I read for knowledge but I also read for entertainment.

I read "real" books but I also read on my kindle or I Pad.

I read education and leadership books but I also love a good mystery or crime novel.

I read so I can share.

Here is what is on my night stand right now...

I do these things on a regular basis so I can not only share but grow.

The cool thing is...YOU can do this too.

Don't be afraid to hit the publish button. Don't be afraid that no one will read it.

Don't be afraid of the sound of your voice. Don't be afraid that no one will listen.

Don't be afraid to connect with people in your field or even your favorite author. You may be surprised.

Read every day, even if it is for fun.

If you struggle, ask someone to help.

I will be glad to help.


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