February 25, 2017

The Beauty of a Podcast...

Podcasts...producing and listening, has become a passion of mine for the past couple of years.

I have always been an avid music listener but I find myself connecting with a particular podcast or two as a replacement for my music.

Don't get me wrong, there is still a time a place for me to jam BUT there are many times where the podcast provides the entertainment I need to make it through...

a long drive
a workout
a yard mowing or even...

listening while at work (only if you are allowed too...).

I have written about this before but feel it is worthy of revisiting. If you have not tried a podcast then it is time to give it a shot. You can click on the short video below to see how to make that happen...

If you have already entered the podcast world or want to learn  more about it, good for you! Here are some of my favorites with a quick summary of each.

Three guys (I am one of them) who are on a mission to help other like-minded people think about, talk about and learn about anything in regards to leadership technology and learning. Chris, Scott and Mick are long-time educators who value the importance of having fun while learning. Most of the episodes are under 15 mins and the show typically releases once a month.

This is one of my favorite ed tech podcasts. It typically comes out a couple times a month and the show notes are thorough enough that you could understand what is happening without listening (would not recommend, you SHOULD listen). Chris Nesi does a tremendous job of discussing hot topics in ed tech and has a knack for bringing in guests who are spot on with the ever-changing times.

The podcast created by Mark Barnes, the leader of the Hacking Education movement has a TON of shows that I guarantee you can find something that is relevant to you. Most of the shows are short enough to digest in one sitting but are packed full of useful information. If you aren't interested in the podcast, check out all of the Hack Learning books...there are a bunch to choose from.

This is a new one by Matt Miller and Kasey Bell. I have only been able to listen to a couple but so far it is GREAT! I really enjoy the way these two collaborate together with a common goal of sharing their Google knowledge. This is a must listen for those interested in ed tech especially all things Google.

If you are a Malcolm Gladwell fan then you will LOVE this show. I binged listened to all of his episodes and now cannot wait for season 2. Most are under an hour so they can be taken in on a short trip or during some treadmill time. Gladwell is a storyteller and when combined with interesting topics it can't be wrong. My favorite so far is called The Big Man Can't Shoot, Wilt Chamberlain vs. Rick Berry...do not want to miss that one.

Oh man, I just found this one and I am HOOKED! Another story teller, Dan Carlin, talks on topics typically pertaining (but not limited to) war and military history. Get ready because these shows are in the hour, two hour and five hour time range. They are like audio books but that is ok because he is always telling good stories.

Spiritual and Health
Rob Bell, one of my favorite "traveling" pastors. He has caught some criticism for his previous book Love Wins and his stance on Heaven and Hell (most people jumped to conclusions and read something completely different from what I read). Some of his shows he has guests and others he will simply talk about things that are pertinent to our world. Probably my favorite episode is number 27 with Carlton Pearson (former Oral Roberts minion). The RobCast is not for everybody but definitely one of my favorites!

Great podcast with some pretty cool guests. The main topics focus on basically taking care of yourself. Or as the creator, Jerred Moon says, "making yourself harder to kill." The podcast has a great companion website with all sorts of articles and tips, including a workout called one man one barbell as well as a DIY section for building things for your garage gym. If you want to become stronger and more mentally tough, this is one to listen to.

Great discussions on this one and most deal with manly stuff. However, I believe it is not limited to manly stuff. The topics range from building a survival fire to hosting a gentleman's dinner. Or you might get some cool topics on history, specifically C.S. Lewis or maybe Winston Churchill...too many topics to even list. 

Guy Raz from NPR hosts this show about how certain people are successful. He has interviewed Richard Branson, L.A. Reid, Jim Koch and probably my favorite, Mark Cuban. There are many more and all are very insightful and entertaining. 

This is a new podcast, just started in January. In fact, Chris Guillebeau has pledged to release one per day for the entire year. Each show is about 7-8 mins and covers topics related to every day people making money on their side hustles. What is cool about it, is that you realize any one can do this. The podcast helps get the gears going on in your head. Who knows, maybe after listening to this one we can all start lucrative side hustles. 

Super entertaining show with a wide-array of guests. So far some of my favorites include Jocko Willink (the invincible Navy Seal) and Dan Carlin (The Hardcore Historian). There are tons to choose from and most last around the hour to an hour an a half range. This show will keep you thinking an entertained the entire time. 

Ok, basically this is the show that got "my feet wet" and got me excited about podcasts. If you happen to be a Netflix or Amazon Prime binge watcher (I am too) then this is the show for you. The first season follows a case where a high school student was arrested and convicted for killing his girlfriend. I promise you, it will be difficult to turn this one off. If you do not get hooked and start binge listening, then you may need to check for a pulse. Ok...kind of harsh but really it is like an awesome, suspenseful audio book. 

To wrap it up, there is one other thing you should know. It is not necessary to listen to every single from every single podcast that you have saved. Some of them may not interest you at all and that is ok. Frequently check back with your list to see if there is one that you like.

The beauty of a podcast is that most are free. Even the ones that are not free are worth checking out. Plus, there are podcasts on EVERYTHING. Some are good, some are not but if you find one you really like and get hooked on, I promise you will never be the same.

What are some of your favorites?

Do you want to create a podcast??? We can delve into that one soon.

Good luck and happy listening!


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