April 28, 2017

Testing is over now what...A 5 part series (PREVIEW)

Most of us our packing up our standardized tests and we will bid them adieu early next week. This definitely marks an ending in our school year but does it mark THE END??

There is an ongoing myth among parents, students, community members...heck even teachers, that once the end of the year testing is over, the school year is over. That theory was ok when the standardized test was in the last week of school. However, in the past few years our tests keep creeping further and further away from our summer vacation.

This leads to comments like...

"Testing is over, why do we need to still learn?"

"They don't do anything but watch movies anyways..."

Well, in case you are wondering, we are not singing Alice Cooper just yet...

In fact, a group of us has collaborated and decided to help others share the word that "the test" does not determine when our school year ends. We, the Masters of Pedagogy, are going provide insight, ideas, thoughts, whatever to help let ever know that WE decide when the school year ends...not "the test."

So here is what it looks like.

Starting Monday, each of the Masters of Pedagogy will provide a post on his or her respective sites to help get you going and spread the word that teaching and learning will continue and School is NOT out for summer...yet.

Monday: It is me, Mick Shuran! This focus will be on changing the mindset or culture of how it seems testing determines the end of school. No Alice Cooper, School's Not Out for Summer...yet! - http://mickshuran.com

Tuesday: My Chattanooga friend Julie Davis, ed-tech extraordinaire, will share her insight and tips on trying new things during this gray area of non-testing. http://techhelpful.blogspot.com/

Wednesday: Fellow Tullahoma City Guru (and LTL PodcasterChristopher King will share his thoughts and ideas in a different format, a VLOG for all you visual and audial learners http://firesidechats.blog/

Thursday: My fellow social studies expert Jacob Dunn will bring a current "in the classroom" perspective towards what we as educators can do after testing.  https://cultivateedu.com/

Friday: Lastly, from Cookeville, TN (home of the great University simply known as TTU) my friend Thomas Fuhrman provides his analysis and expertise when it comes to keeping the teaching momentum going.   https://tfuhrman.wordpress.com/

Please join us, provide your comments and feedback and most importantly, SHARE IT!

See you Monday!


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