June 6, 2017

The Not So Scary World of Technology...

I am trying something new.

Always the educator at heart and being in the world of admin, I do not get to practice my teaching chops as often as I would like.

As I am sitting in church awhile back...yes I was listening too! I had an idea come to mind. There are people in my community who are jumping in to the technology and quit way too early simply because it is TOO overwhelming. After bouncing my idea off of the pastor, we agreed that this could be a great stewardship opportunity.

After several weeks of thinking about it, I decided this summer would be the time to start. So began the series now known as The Not So Scary World of Technology.

I created a simple flyer...see above. I had it announced in church...so now it had to happen.  Fast forward a couple weeks and our first class took place TODAY!

I recruited my son Colin and another teacher from my church volunteered to help and I feel we had a great first session. Don't get me wrong...it was hard but I truly believe the people who participated will feel much better about technology by the end of the summer...assuming I did not scare them off today.

Simply put, here are my goals for this summer:

1. Change the mindset

2. Increase the comfort level

3. Provide one takeaway each session.

After polling the participants, I realized that our summer would be divided into specific themes including photos, communication and entertainment. We spent most of the time using their devices to take photos, tips on finding those photos, how to delete photos and strategies on taking the best pictures. I would say definitely simple and practical. To the tech guru this may seem too simplified but I emphasized the importance of finding one or two things to focus on without moving on to something new.

I may be wrong but I feel most left with a renewed enthusiasm towards learning technology. The main thing they have to get over...

Each week, I will continue to take a simplified approach to technology with the purpose of helping to ease that fear.

The one thing I am not sure they realized is the fact that I also get overwhelmed with technology. As technologically savvy as I am, too much can lead me to giving up as well. That transparency will help them realize that fast is not always good but focusing on what is important and wanted is the route to go.

Stay tuned...


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